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National Defense

Ensuring the protection and safety of all Americans in this country is one of the most important responsibilities of the federal government.  Every day, those proudly serving in the U.S. Armed Forces put themselves in harm’s way for each and every one of us. There is no greater honor than to fight to protect our democracy and face these threats abroad so that your loved ones never have to.  I am proud of the paths each of my siblings pursued in life, but have the highest respect for my oldest brother currently serving active duty in the Army.  Like many of you, we all have someone we care about that have served or currently serving our nation.  Whether you believe in war or not, we have a responsibility to those that wear the uniform to provide them the resources to complete their mission effectively and safely.  Among many issues, I believe we need to focus our attention on the readiness of our military.  The effects of sequestration will continue to affect our military’s ability to detect, react, and destroy if necessary any threats to our great nation.  If we miscalculate on the issue of national security, we may not have the luxury of discussing the merits of any other issue.