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[tt_section_title title_color_option=”custom-color” css_animation=”bottom-to-top” title=”My Priorities” css=”.vc_custom_1551406755782{margin-bottom: 50px !important;}” title_font_size=”72px” title_color=”#d4aa56″]The issues I believe in and believe that I can be a lightning rod for change within Congress.[/tt_section_title][tt_issues issue_limit=”3″ grid_column=”4″ num_words=”12″ btn_text=”” box_shadow=”enable” css_animation=”bottom-to-top” animation_delay=”100ms”]

Are You With Me?

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[tt_achievements css_animation=”bottom-to-top” animation_delay=”900ms”][tt_achievement show_icon=”yes” icon_option=”fonticon” font_icon=”tt-icon-candidate-3″ title=”Concerned About Washington”]My name is Joe Millado and I’m a Regular Joe—just like you. And I, too, am just as concerned about the current direction our great country is heading toward. We’ve kicked the can down the road so far in Washington, and we are at the end of it.[/tt_achievement][tt_achievement show_icon=”yes” icon_option=”fonticon” font_icon=”tt-icon-united-states-of-america” title=”Our Country is Worth Fighting For”]The current state of the union should be shouldered by every one of us. The good news is we can start doing something about it today. In our country’s history, we’ve had to make tough decisions at the right moments to get us back on track. We can either go backwards—or plot a new course forward.[/tt_achievement][tt_achievement show_icon=”yes” icon_option=”fonticon” font_icon=”tt-icon-capitol-1″ title=”I am a Good candidate”]I look forward to hearing from you and how I can effectively represent your views and values.  Let’s have the conversations we never had and ask the questions that were never asked. Share your ideas, frustrations, and experiences with me so I can tell your story to those that prioritize special interest over doing the right thing. I’m running for Florida’s 3rd Congressional district because I can no longer stand by and do nothing while our elected officials continue to fail.  Let’s stop sending empty promises to Washington, and start sending a qualified candidate right for the job.[/tt_achievement][/tt_achievements]
[tt_section_title font_weight=”700″ text_transform=”uppercase” css_animation=”fadeInUp” title=”BECOME A VOLUNTEER” title_font_size=”70px”]Energy, Vitality, and a positive Perspective are the kind of people we are looking for to help with the campaign. If that is you? Contact Us![/tt_section_title]