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Veterans Affairs

Fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), one of the largest agencies in the federal government responsible of caring for our nation’s veterans, is a top priority. During my time on Capitol Hill, I was blessed to work on behalf of veterans serving for two previous Vice-Chairmen of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  Notwithstanding which party controlled the majority, I worked on numerous bill that became law by working in a bipartisan manner to find common ground. These legislative accomplishments are working to address behavioral health, excessive prescribing of opioids and prescriptions drugs, holding failed managers accountable, military transition, and other areas related to the unique needs for those that borne the battle. Until every veteran receives the respect, health care, and opportunities they have earned, then we have failed our responsibility as a grateful nation. We must answer the call for these heroes as they did for us defending the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.